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What do the most successful people do differently?

Why are some people able to bounce back from failure?

What allows some couples to stay happily together for many decades?

What do very happy people do differently?

These are the questions asked by the science of positive psychology.

Through the efforts of hundreds of scientists conducting thousands of experiments, case studies and analyses we’ve started getting answers – insights into how we can become happier.

Happier Human was created to make those insights accessible. So that you can improve your life and the lives of others.

Most of what I produce is free, but at the end of the day I’ve got to be able to eat and pay rent.

Will You Purchase My Questionable Advice?

In return for a fee, I’ve been asked to promote dozens of courses and eBooks.

I’ve refused them all.

Not because I like being poor. My monthly income is 10% of what it used to be.

I’d like to be making more money. I’d like to be able to receive thousands of dollars a month in advertising fees.

But that would require I lower my standards.

Not going to happen.

The entire reason I switched careers is because I want to be able to help you. I can’t do that by selling you bad advice and wasting your time.

I’m okay with being poor for a few years.

But last week I was introduced to Manuel Kraus, founder of The Good Life Foundation and a graduate of Martin Seligman’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program.

I almost had an orgasm.

Not because I turned bisexual and met the man of my dreams (although Manuel is awesome).

I almost had an orgasm because Manuel has done such an amazing job.

Positive Psychology – The Science of Happiness and Success

Like me, he wants to make the insights of positive psychology accessible.

He’s succeeded.

You can read hundreds of books and research papers, or you can watch his video course.

It’s the best of positive psychology that I’ve ever seen.

It isn’t as thrilling as a Tony Robins seminar. If you want advice that’s easy and exciting, look elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for the cutting edge of scientific self-help, this course is for you.

Improving the quality of your relationships, learning how to regulate your emotions, increasing your motivation, shattering the myths of happiness – the course contains all the best exercises and advice.

Here’s an expandable outline of what you’ll get.

Section 1: Introduction

1 Welcome to the Course I 4:34
2 Welcome to the Course II 2:15
3 What is Positive Psychology? 6:52
4 What is Happiness? 4:07
5 Myths of Happiness 9:00
6 Exercises – Introduction 2 pages
7 Personal Reflection Journal 58 pages
8 Are You Committed? 1 question

Section 2: The Power of Positive Emotions

9 Introduction to The Power of Positive Emotions 0:36
10 The Power of Positive Emotions 15:48
11 Exercises – Building Positive Emotions 2 pages

Section 3: Creating Sustainable Change

12 Introduction to Creating Sustainable Change 1:10
13 Is Change Possible? 5:53
14 How to Change Effectively 15:08
15 Exercises – Action Plan for Effective Change 17 pages
16 Exercises – Creating Lasting Change 1 pages

Section 4: Beliefs and Thoughts

17 Introduction to Beliefs and Thoughts 1:03
18 Benefit and Fault Finding 18:04
19 Exercises – Benefit vs. Fault Finding 2 pages
20 Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and the Optimistic Mindset 14:00
21 Changing Mindsets by Changing Behavior 10:03
22 Exercises – Going Outside Our Comfort Zone 3 pages
23 Changing Mindsets by Changing Beliefs 8:28
24 Exercises – Changing Beliefs 1 page
25 Mindsets 5 questions

Section 5: Core Strategies for Living a Good Life

26 Introduction to the Core Strategies 1:27
27 Introduction to Mindfulness 1:23
28 Mindfulness – What and Why 9:16
29 Practicing Mindfulness 12:43
30 Exercises – Mindfulness 3 pages
31 The Challenges of Mindfulness 2 pages
32 Self-esteem 13:37
33 Exercises – Self-Esteem 4 pages
34 Strengths 10:00
35 Exercises – Discover Your Strengths 4 pages
36 Exercises – Applying Your Strengths 2 pages
37 Strengths 6 question

Section 6: Building Fulfilling Relationships

38 Introduction to Building Fulfilling Relationships 0:43
39 Building Fulfilling Relationships I 12:15
40 Building Fulfilling Relationships II 10:25
41 Exercises – Building Fulfilling Relationships 7 pages

Section 7: Overcoming Tough Times

41 Introduction to Overcoming Tough Times 1:14
42 Permission to Be Human 4:00
43 Exercises – Permission to Be Human 1 pages
45 Problem-Focused Coping 8:17
46 Exercises – Problem-Focused Coping 1 page
47 Action Plan for Effective Problem Solving 4 pages
46 Emotion-Focused Coping 16:53
49 Exercises – Emotion-Focused Coping 3 pages
50 ABC Reflection Sheet 1 page

Section 8: Wrap-Up

51 Course Summary 1:48
52 Two Concluding Remarks 3:09
53 Exercises – Roundup 2 pages

Section 9: References

54 References 10 pages


The course costs $87, but as a HappierHuman reader you get two bonuses:

  1. Enter in the coupon code happierhuman and get $38 off.
  2. Send me a message once you’ve made your purchase and I’ll set you up with free access to my course The Gratitude Hack, worth $20.

$107 of value for $49! 🙂

I spent an average of $1,315 for each course I took in college. If NYU had offered his course, I would have taken it. Even paying $1,315, it would have been worth it to me.

If you want to improve your life and the lives of others, get the course.

911 people have taken it so far, you’ll be in good hands.

Start learning here!

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Ryan Biddulph

Sounds like quite the course! As within, so without. Clear that inner world. Thanks!



Sounds like a great course. I love these type of courses. Because of them, I have overcome my shyness, just 10 months ago I couldn’t even post a single post in social networks, had trouble in speaking to my friends in crowded places. I even write in blogs in english (not my first language). Just one year ago, I had to use the dictionary a lot.
I currently take two courses (Bob Proctor and Anik Singal(Bob’s former student)), but when I finish them, or at least one of them, I will see if this is something for me.
Thanks for the review.


Amit Amin

That’s awesome Ulloriaq! Congratulations on your progress 🙂

Would you recommend either of those courses to others?



I would highly recommend them. Unfortunately Anik Singal’s program, Future of Wealth, is closed for now, but I’m expecting them to launch it again in few months again.
Bob Proctor’s program is great as always. They are similar to each other, but Bob is more old fashion way, Anik’s is a little more scientific and a little more goal oriented. But Bob’s program can be upgraded in just few steps.
I love them both.



hello! sounds like a solid course you have got there! I love the originality of your site, very creative and nicely done 🙂 have a look at mine if you like, i love feedback too 😀



Dear Amit,

I am afraid that the course you talk about in your “Positive Psychology 101 – The Best Self-Help” article costs 249$ not 87$, I am not sure whether there is a mistake or it is just price increment like anything else in our life,


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