29 Happier Humans Share The Secrets To Their Joy

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If it was easy to become truly happy, you’d already be there. But it’s more than that – conventional wisdom is often wrong, misguided, unscientific, or outdated.

HappierHuman is about taking the science of positive psychology, where double-blind, placebo controlled studies have proven what actually works, and making it accessible to all of you. But I’ll be honest, I’m still learning.

So, I asked the experts what works for them – those that have made a living out of studying happiness or one of its components: leaders in the field of positive psychology, master zen bloggers, and awesome book authors. This isn’t empty wisdom – these are really frikking happy people.    

What’s one unusual or unconventional activity or attitude that’s helped you become a happier human?


Simple CategoryLeo Baubata Breathing Quote
Gretchen Rubin Quote Sleeping
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Quote
Lori Deschene Quote

Seth Roberts Quote Mirror Watching
Caroline Adams Miller Quote
Alder Yarrow Quote

Bobbi Emel
Dolly Garland Quote
Alexandra Carmichael Quote
Rachel Collis Quote
Gail Brenner Quote

Scott Dinsmore Quote
Corbett Barr
Marcy Swenson Quote
Tyler Tervooren Quote
Tina Su

Keith Ferrazzi Quote
Jonathan Haidt
Jane Robinson
Jacob Sokol Quote
Tia Singh
Alex Blackwell
Rob McPhillips
ZenMichelle MayWim HofKaylee RuppYoda Quote

Thank you! That’s an amazing collection of great ideas, activities, attitudes, and wisdom.

Now it’s your turn – what’s something unusual or unconventional that you do or are going to do in pursuit of happiness? Share your thoughts with a comment – I’m looking forward to joining you in your journey to become a Happier Human!

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